Why bother with a digital marketing strategy?

Your digital marketing strategy is the single most strategic piece in your digital marketing arsenal. It forms how you will communicate with, engage with, and be perceived by your clients. 

It’s a blueprint for building brand awareness, generating leads, and nurturing existing client relationships and it impacts every area of your business, from market shares to brand reputation and sales revenue. It’s safe to say we believe it's critical to have a good understanding of exactly what a Digital Marketing Strategy is and what yours should look like.

At Unusual Comms our strategy sessions happen face to face (or via Zoom for our overseas clients) and form our digital marketing strategy workshop.

Before we start, we want to get to know a bit about you, your business, and what you want to get from your time with us, so we send you a pre work questionnaire designed to get you thinking about the journey of your business to date and where you’d like to see it go in the future. 

Once the pre work is out of the way it’s time we meet. We’ll organise a face to face workshop, usually around 3 hours, with the key business stakeholders in which we’ll dissect all areas of the business in a methodical approach that includes*:

  1. An exploration into your target client

  2. The customer journey

  3. The average value of your existing clients 

  4. The average lifetime value of a client

  5. An examination of any marketing the business has done in the past through the lens of what has worked and what hasn't.

  6. A look at your digital footprint including the current state of your website, your social media presence and any automation or regular communications you may be having with your clients.

  7. Identifying your definition of marketing success and uncovering any roadblocks to your business achieving those goals.


Of course we cover a lot of ‘other’ ground too, but we can’t give away all our trade secrets here 😉

After the workshop the Unusual Comms team work their magic and begin their research. In the following 2 - 3 weeks we will compile an entire digital marketing framework which will provide your business with a blueprint to follow in order to achieve your desired marketing outcomes. 

Your bespoke framework will include:

  1. A complete research picture on how your website is currently tracking (site traffic, issues with the website, areas of opportunity etc)

  2. A unique keyword document highlighting words / phrases your target clients are searching for and what is trending well within your industry

  3. A real time snapshot of how your business is tracking against your identified competitors

  4. A prioritised blueprint for your business to follow in order to achieve your identified goals within your determined timeframes

  5. Opportunities / costings for continuing our partnership together to meet your desired outcomes

  6. On receipt of your digital marketing strategy a Zoom meeting is scheduled to walk you through your document and discuss any questions that may have arisen as a result.


This workshop is vital for anyone looking to create or reimagine their digital marketing strategy. At Unusual Comms we know it’s a whole lot easier to reach your dream destination when you have a solid roadmap to follow, so if you’d like to discuss mapping out your road to success book a free discovery call today with one of our strategists.

At Unusual Comms we believe that a solid digital marketing strategy is the key to success, that’s why our digital marketing strategy workshops are the cornerstone of what we do. The strategy documents you take away from this session is invaluable in helping key business stakeholders move forward, grow the business, and achieve marketing goals.