Not all (social media) platforms are created equal

Social media is possibly the best known form of digital marketing and often the easiest point of entry for business owners. It provides a brilliant jumping off point for businesses looking to communicate with and engage their ideal clientele in a way that can be as professional or quirky as they want it to be.

The type of platform(s) you want to be utilising will depend heavily on your business and the ideal clients you're trying to reach. At Unusual Comms we’ve found that the top 3 platforms are:

  1. Facebook: Of course. 60% of the Australian population are active Facebook users and a whopping 50% check Facebook at least once per day. Those aren’t exactly numbers you can argue with, especially when your goal is to generate organic brand exposure. Not only does Facebook have the most active users but it also has some of the most diverse users. It probably won’t shock you that 9.6 million of Australia’s Facebook users are aged 18-39, but it may come as a surprise that 6.9 million Australian Facebook users are over 40, and 1.2 million of those are over 65. That means that no matter who you’re trying to reach, their demographic is represented on Facebook.

  2. LinkedIn: No doubt about it, LinkedIn has a more niche market than other platforms, but for businesses looking to build an influential network this platform is a must. With 4.5 million monthly active Australian users, LinkedIn gives you the chance to create a strong business network, reach out to othersin your industry, and market your brand to other businesses. With 2 new users joining LinkedIn every single second, it’s clear that it will continue to dominate the B2B space and should be a very high priority for any business in this category. The great thing about LinkedIn is that the website has a near ‘perfect score’ with Google, meaning that you can use it to leverage your own online profile and increase your Google ranking through the use of keywords and backlinks to LinkedIn (Pulse) articles. If it sounds a little confusing now, don’t worry, these are all things we work closely with our clients to explain and pursue.

  3. Instagram: This platform’s formula might be a little more simpler than others but that doesn’t make it any less effective as a marketing tool. In Australia alone, Instagram has 9 million active monthly users; that’s 1 in 3 people who are regularly checking in. Instagram is about sharing your brand’s story via images and short videos so it gives us the chance to create some pretty unique and very compelling content. If you're in a visual industry (think cafe, tourism, hair, beauty, art) or you're trying to reach females in their mid 20s - 30s, this is the place to be.

Current trends show that businesses should be posting at least 2-5 times per weekto get the highest return on investment, and with half the Australian population checking their Facebook every single day we believe that it is incredibly important that your brand is regularly posting and regularly appearing on your ideal client’s feed.

So you know which platforms you should be utilising and why but how can Unusual Comms help? The Unusual Team are social media and digital marketing experts and we can assist with a wide range of projects including:

  • Creating Pages: If you’re starting your social media campaign from scratch then start it right by allowing us to craft your social media pages in a way that ticks all the boxes and targets your ideal client.

  • Creating LinkedIn Profiles: Your LinkedIn profile is perhaps your most important and LinkedIn have some very specific checklists to decide on which profiles will appear at the top of their searches. We can create your profile using a methodology that is tried and tested in order to assure that your profile is performing as well as it possibly can be.

  • Google My Business: This tool is a handy ‘hack’ that will get your site on the Google radar quicker and with more consistency. Basically, Google My Business is a free listing on Google allowing your clients to find you with greater ease. We can also upload regular updates on your behalf, as well as images, and encourage reviews from your clients.

  • Content creation / images: Creating regular, engaging content can be a headache. What’s worse is that most businesses actually don’t know how to create or curate content that is compelling to their target market. The trick is not to just have a lot of content but to have relevant content, content that adds value to your ideal client and keeps them in your ecosystem. Unusual Comms has been creating content for a range of eclectic businesses for years, and we’re confident that we can build content for your business that is compelling, targeted, and will help you reach your digital marketing goals.

  • Scheduling content: Great content means nothing if it’s not regularly going out, so let the Unusual Team take the stress out of your posting schedule by scheduling your content in advance across all platforms.

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