How do I get the most out of my content marketing?

It’s a question every business owner and marketer has asked themselves: “How do I get the most out of my content marketing?”

Well, at Unusual Comms we believe in the old adage: “If you fail to plan, plan to fail”. And for us that means before you start any project, you need to make time to put some plans and strategies in place. And a big part of any communication strategy should always be to figure out who you’re speaking to.

To use a very simplistic metaphor if you get up on a stage and start speaking Swedish in front of a Chinese audience your message probably won’t ‘break through’ very effectively. So first thing’s first, you need to make sure you’re speaking your clients language.

From there you want to take some time to understand your ideal client’s habits and lifestyle in order to understand how they like to receive content:

  1. Are they time poor? Try creating a podcast.

  2. Do they like quick tips? Offer them short videos.

  3. Are they millennials? Look into utilising Snapchat and Messenger.

Meeting your clients where they are and offering them content on platforms they already use will increase your consumption rate and engage them on their level.

So now that you know your message isn’t falling on deaf ears (massive win), you need to make sure that you’re not so busy firing our arrow after arrow that you actually fail to hit the target. Time and time again we see people and businesses try to cram as much information into the short space of their blogs, web pages, videos and podcasts as they possibly can. Don’t do it! It confuses your clients, dilutes your message, and let’s face it if you put all your best content into one blog, what are you going to talk about next time?

If you take away only one bit of golden advice from the Unusual Team let it be this:

“Stick to one (only one) point in each of your communication pieces.”

Although, we have so much more advice to give than just that so if you’d like some more free tips and guidance, browse the rest of our blogs here.

Our final suggestion to really get the most out of your content marketing is to share your content like a kid shares the chicken pox (with absolutely everyone they come into contact with).

We encounter so many business owners are shocked when their blogs or videos don’t gaining the traction they’d initially hoped for, but then when we question them about how they’re putting their content out for clients to find, we inevitably discover they didn’t bothered to share it! And don’t misunderstand us, social media is a great start, but surely, we can get a little more creative than just posting it on our Facebook wall? What groups are you a part of that you could share your blog to? Do you have a newsletter you’re sending out to your clients? What friends do you have in complementary industries that you could be sharing (and creating) content for?

And contrary to popular belief, it’s not enough to just share your content once and forget it; diarise to share it a second and third time a month or two apart. Many times articles or podcasts will actually get a bigger download on the second or third share.

So, you see, with a little thought and a bit of planning you’ll be able to look through your existing content and put a strategy in place to ensure your content is working towards success.

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