Best Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020

Digital marketing is a phrase you just can’t seem to escape in the business world and to be perfectly honest we don’t think anyone should be trying to escape it (although we may be a little biased). Our lives are consumed by the digital, in fact on average we spend over 3 hoursa day on our phones alone. That doesn't even take into account time spent on our tablets, computers or using our smart speakers.

Digital marketing may be one of the new frontiers in marketing but it’s safe to say with our ever growing dependency on technology that it’s here to stay, so where is it going in 2020?

At Unusual Comms we’re all about staying ahead of the trends so that you can communicate with your audience in a way that is fresh and relevant, so here’s our top 5 list of the best digital marketing strategies for 2020:

1. Social media.

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a new strategy but it’s definitely a good one, and considering it’s gaining popularity at an exponential rate, if your brand isn’t in the social media game then it’s time to get involved.

Like it or not people use social media to search for and review brands and businesses before they decide to take the next step. If you want to be able to compete in your market, then you need to have some relevant, well populated social media pages that are easy to find and full of content that your clients will actually enjoy. If you give your clients content they enjoy, then they’re much more likely to hit ‘like’ or ‘follow’ and become apart of your organic ecosystem.

2. Long form content.

This might seem like an interesting strategy because previously short-form content was the rule of thumb for digital marketing. The idea behind this was to keep things to the point and easy for your potential clients to consume, but current research is showing that long-form content (content that equates to over 2,000 words) is shared more than short-form.

These articles and blogs aren’t lengthy drawls, full of purple prose and stuffed with filler keywords; they’re relevant, informative pieces that are focused on engaging the client and adding value to them.

3. Podcasting.

Podcasting has been steadily growing its audience and influence over the last few years to the point where Apple passed over 50 billion all-time podcast downloads in 2018.

Podcasts are being used as a digital marketing tool for people across all sorts of industries: fitness, education, fashion, science, construction, and so many more. This is definitely one strategy we think every business should consider in 2020.

4. Live videos.

According to Cisco, by the year 2021, 80% of internet traffic will be video. Considering this, it’s no wonder that so many businesses are making use of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTubes live video features.

They’re a great way to drum up excitement for a new launch, discuss a product or service, conduct an interview, or just generally engage your followers in a way that’s just a little bit different.

If you’re not already using video in your digital marketing strategy, 2019 is the time to start.

5. Real stories, real people.

People connect with people; they connect with stories of struggle, hard work, and triumph. For Small Businesses especially, it pays to share the unique story behind your business and to give your potential clients a chance to meet and get to know the people they’ll be dealing with.

People are more conscious about how and where they spend their money than ever before; they want to know where their money is going and who it will support. Knowing that their purchase will go towards supporting Aussie families, local communities, and help to create Australian jobs is a great enticement to forget about the multinationals and buy with you.

So there you have it. If you’re already invested, or are looking to invest in digital marketing in 2020, then give these strategies a try. At Unusual Comms digital marketing is our bread and butter so if you’d like to discuss creating a digital marketing strategy to take your brand to new strengths in 2020 then book your free discovery call with the Unusual Team here.

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