3 Things Businesses Need to Know About Social Media in 2020

We think we’re past the point now where we need to debate the merits of social media marketing. The fact of the matter is social media, when used correctly, is an invaluable digital marketing tool. The problem is that not enough businesses are using it correctly.

A little it of research and insight goes a very long way, so we decided to save you the trouble of Googling and searching and tell you 3 big things you need to know about social media in 2020.

You Have To Know Your Clients

It’s safe to assume that no matter who your clients are, they’re spending time on social media. After all, even the majority of the 65+ demographic are active Facebook users. The thing is that different people use different platforms in different ways, for different reasons.

It’s not enough to just decide on a platform based on its popularity and throw out any old posts at any time of day and hope for the best. What social media platforms are your ideal clients using? When are they most likely to be online? What are they specifically looking for in a social media post that’s going to engage them and get them to stop scrolling for 30 seconds?

It’s hard to talk to somebody when you don’t know how to speak their language, so figure out what language your clients are speaking and learn it.

If you’ve got no idea who your ideal client even is then you may need to start fresh with a digital marketing strategy session before you implement any marketing campaigns.

What Are You Trying to Achieve

This is an important one because different social media platforms will give you different results. Facebook, for example, is great for raising brand awareness and just generally getting the word out. LinkedIn has really high levels of engagement and is fantastic for businesses that want feedback and interaction. If you have a tangible product then Instagram is a great space to be in because you can post and share images of those products.

Our point is deciding on your end goal will really help inform what social media platform(s) you should be regularly posting to.

Don't Use The Same Stuff Everywhere.

So we’ve already established that different social platforms serve different purposes and engage different audiences, so why would anyone think that they could post the same thing across every platform and yield the same results? It sounds silly and yet we see so many people do it.

First of all it’s impractical because LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook all have very different posting guidelines and rules. Where Instagram will only allow you to publish posts that include images or short videos, LinkedIn like you to use split-posting, a mixture of image posts and text only posts. The second reason is that users are looking for very different experiences across platforms. Instagram for the most part serves as entertainment, whereas Facebook keeps users informed about current events, and LinkedIn is typically seen as a business networking platform. Users aren’t looking for business networking content on Instagram and you’ll probably find it won’t be very effective there.

If you’re using Facebook to build your brand then post things that are shareable and likely to get attention; if you’re using LinkedIn for more engagement then post things that invite discussion and feedback. The same content will not work across every platform and you’ll only end up wasting your time and your client’s time.

Social media isn’t necessarily a tricky tool but it is one that requires a bit of foresight, research and planning in order for it to be effective in your marketing strategy.

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