Unusual Comms Creative Director, Tracy Sheen, is proud to be an advisor for the new Australian Government Initiative ASBAS: "Australian Small Business Advisory Services, Digital Solutions."

ASBAS was created to help small businesses pursue digital solutions and advice at a low, affordable cost.Tracy, along with many other skilled advisors all around Australia, offers one on one consultations (either face to face, via Zoom, or over the phone) with small business owners and stakeholders looking to pursue and implement new digital solutions into their business. Along with the one on one consultations, Tracy also offers a range of targeted workshops through ASBAS which are hosted throughout QLD. These workshops include topics like: 
  • Why you need a Marketing Strategy
  • Why Developing a Content Calendar Will Help You Keep Your Sanity
  • The Latest Marketing Hacks that are sure to Save you Time and Money
  • Everything you need to know about Marketing Automation Platforms
  • How Sales Funnels Work

We might be just a bit biased here at Unusual Comms (okay, maybe a lot) but we think every business owner can benefit from Tracy’s incredible wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the intersection of technology, marketing, and business. 

If you are based in QLD and would like to request a one on one consultation with Tracy you can do so by following this link. You can browse the full list of upcoming ASBAS workshops in your area here. Tracy also has extensive experience as an MC and keynote speaker, and is available to host, present, and speak at a range of events.

With an eclectic background in retail, TV and radio, podcasting, business, and digital marketing, Tracy is a sought after commentator in all areas of communication, and has a style that is best described as ‘quirky’ and ‘refreshingly original’. If you’d like to know more or discuss hiring our kick-ass Creative Director for an upcoming event, you can schedule a free discovery call with Tracy here

 What is ASBAS?

The “Australian Small Business Advisory Services: Digital Solutions” is an Australian Government Initiative that seeks to help small businesses pursue digital solutions and advice at a low, affordable cost. The program offers one on one consultation sessions and a range of skilled workshops that take place throughout the country. Our Creative Director, Tracy Sheen, is a sought after advisor for the new program and is available to book for QLD small businesses as a 1:1 consultation, to deliver team workshops or webinars.

You can learn more about ASBAS here.


Is your company based outside of QLD and looking to engage Tracy to host a workshop / keynote or other training?

Tracy is available to conduct training for your organisation on a range of digital marketing topics. Popular presentations for 2019 have included:

  • 'Get Stuff Done' the two day digital marketing retreat
  • Podcasting for business
  • Creating your digital marketing strategy
  • Content creation to suit your ideal audience

If you'd like to know more about these sessions or how to book Tracy to run your training session, follow this link to schedule a discovery call today.