Why You Need a Social Media Strategy


In the modern world of online marketing social media is no longer just a place for you to share snaps from your holiday and ‘like’ funny pictures of cats; it’s actually a very important marketing tool. 60% of the Australian population are active Facebook users and a whopping 50% check Facebook at least once per day. Aside from that Instagram has a generous 9 million active monthly Australian users, and LinkedIn has a 4.5 million monthly active Australian users with another person joining every 2 seconds. With those kinds of statistics we’re willing to bet that your target market are spending time on at least one of the popular social media platforms, if not many.


So we’re agreed that your brand needs to have a presence on social media, but the thing is it’s not enough just to have a Facebook page and hope that customers come streaming in. If you want social media to really work for you then you’re going to need a social media strategy and here’s why:

Everybody’s doing it 

Ten years ago your business might have been one of only a handful with a strong presence on social media but nowadays that’s not really the case. According to Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, as of May 2018, over 50 million Small Businesses were using Facebook Pages to connect with their customers.

Now that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be using social media, but it does mean that just using it isn’t enough. You need to be smart about how you use it. If there are approximately 10,000 other businesses on Facebook doing what you do then how are you going to make your business and your content stand out from the rest? How are you going to convince potential clients to follow and interact with your brand over the others?

Your aim is a lot better when you’re not blindfolded

What I mean by this is throwing out content without knowing who you’re trying to engage with that content is like throwing out darts blindfolded - every now and then you might hit the board, but you’d do a whole lot better if you just ditched the blindfold.

You need a social media strategy because you need to know who you’re talking to and how they engage with social media. When is your ideal client most likely to be on social media? Which platforms do they spend the most time on? What content are they looking for on those platforms? Knowing this will help you be a whole lot more targeted with your choice of platforms, social media content, and posting schedule.

Your audience doesn’t need more content; they need more relevant content

Okay, so let’s be honest not all of those 50 million small business pages would be posting regularly, but a lot of them are, and this makes for a whole lot of content filling up your ideal client’s feed. If you start throwing out more aimless content then all you’re doing is just adding to the chatter. You want to be the voice that rises above the rest and that means putting a bit of thought and research into your content so that you can make sure it’s relevant to your clients and something that they actually want to read, see, or watch.

So hopefully now you agree that you need a social media strategy. After all, if you’re going to be spending the time and money anyway then you might as well get a good return from your profits and build your brand while you’re at it. If you’d like a bit of help, Unusual Comms offers a range of bespoke social media services that you can browse here.


Posted on May 26, 2019 3:42:20 PM by Tracy Sheen in Digital marketing, in social media

Tracy Sheen

Written by Tracy Sheen