Our Favourite (so far) Podcasts of 2019

When you listen to as many podcasts as we do word quickly spreads about good new shows as they hit the airwaves.

Each week via our Facebook page we share our favourite find of the week, but, we also understand that not everyone is hanging out with 'the Zuc' every moment of every day. Given that, we figured it's probably time we share our favourite finds (so far) for 2019.

And so, in no particular order


Blackout Podcast

If you've seen "Bohemian Rhapsody" you'll immediately recognise the lead character (Rami Malek) as 'Simon'.

The show itself is beautifully put together. The editing, production and soundscape is quite possibly some of the best we've ever heard.

Set as a post apocalyptic thriller this eight part short run series is our 'must listen' to for 2019.

Please Explain

Please Explain Podcast

A weekly news collaboration between 'The Age' and 'The Sydney Morning Herald'. Please explain draws on some of Australia's most senior journalists as they deep dive on the stories of the week to provide more than just the headlines.

Who the Hell is Hamish?

Who the Hell is Hamish Podcast

Greg Bearup, journalist with 'The Australian' take a look at serial conman Hamish Watson.

The nine part podcast investigates how someone with the track record of Hamish managed to evade authorities, not just in Australia but also Canada and China for as long as he did. Greg talks with former partners, associates and victims of Hamish's trail of destruction and provides a peak behind the curtain into the devastation left in Hamish's wake.

David Tennant Does A Podcast With...

David Tennant Does a Podcast With

Confession time, I'm a HUGE David Tennant fan #DavidTennantisstillmydoctor

So when I heard he was releasing a podcast I may have let out an actual squeal

Ned Flanders squeal

There's nothing new to the concept behind this show. Each episode David interviews (more like chat's with really) one of his acting buddies about life, the arts and anything else that takes his fancy.

Some shows are far more entertaining than others (so far the Ian McKeller episode ranks as my #1, followed by James Corbin) but all in all it's a great show to throw on when your brain needs a bit of a rest.

The Ron Burgundy Podcast

Ron Burgandy Podcast

I feel like this show needs it's own disclaimer.

Don't even bother with this if you weren't a fan of 'Anchorman'. It's more of Will Ferrell reprising his role of Ron Burgandy, news anchorman extraordinaire.

He sure does know how to pull the guests though, I'd have to say, so far my highlights have been the episodes with Deepak Chopra (hang in there for the guided meditation) and 'Peter Dinklage' (aka Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones) reading poetry... Yep, enough said.

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Tracy Sheen

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