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47% of buyers view content online before purchase

Websites with a blog have 434% more indexed pages than websites without one. So it’s no surprise then that 53% of marketers say that blogging is their top content priority. In fact, chances are you found yourself here reading this blog because blogging is a top priority for you too. The question isn’t “To blog or not to blog” as Hamlet might have put it had he been alive in the 21st century, but the real question is “How to blog”. If you’ve had any sort of involvement with Unusual Comms then you would know that our answer is almost always strategy!

Your strategy is the glue that will hold your content and digital marketing together and it’s no different for your blogs. If you want them to be successful, relevant, and to achieve their marketing purpose then you’re going to need an overarching business blog strategy and, without further adieu, here’s how to create one:

Know Your Audience

We’re going to assume you’ve done the research and found out already that your target market like to read blogs. And we’re also going to assume that you have a pretty good understanding of who your ideal client is and what interests them. Now it’s time to get a bit more specific with your research. What is your target market most likely to search for on Google or social media? What keywords or phrases are they using? How long do they like their content? What sort of tone are they looking for? Do they want entertainment or instruction?

The answers you gather from this research will act as your blueprint for your blog series, informing everything from your topics, to blog titles, word length, tone, and posting schedule.


Know Your Brand

One of the first things we do at Unusual Comms is sit down with new clients and get to know the story behind their business. After all, any content we create, we’re always trying to inject it with the same individuality and personal flare embodied by their brand. There are a lot of businesses out there offering similar services and products to you so know what makes you different and find a way to share it.

One of the ways we get to know our clients is through a Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop. We might be a little bit biased but if you’re serious about getting results from your digital marketing then we highly recommend this as the place to start.


Know Your Goals

When it comes to your blogs we want content that is actionable; that could mean inviting readers to sign up to your newsletter, get in contact, read another blog, or visit another page on your website (see what we did above). The point is your “call to actions” should align very nicely with your overarching goals. If you want to sell more, plug products, if you want to build a community, plug your newsletter or social media. You’ll only be able to do this effectively once you know your goals.


Know Your Schedule (and stick to it!)

The hope of any good blog series is that you might end up with people who follow and regularly check in on it, that means if you promise to deliver a weekly blog and release it every Wednesday then do it! If your followers expect you to share that blog every Thursday on Facebook then don’t get suddenly slack one week. Be consistent, not just for your followers but also for your website and SEO.


Hopefully by now you’ve got a bit of an idea on “how to blog”. Not to brag but the Unusual Team know blogging like we know the back of our hands (which we frequently stare at as we type up kickass content), so if you’d like a bit of help in your blogging journey then feel free to contact us here or check out our Content Creation services.


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Tracy Sheen

Written by Tracy Sheen