Marketing Automation is not Dear [insert first name]

If you’re in business you’ve probably heard people casually throwing around the words “marketing automation”; maybe you’re one of those people who are so excited to talk all things automation, or maybe you’re the person on the other side of the conversation who smiles and nods to pretend like you’re in the know. Well the team at Unusual Comms are well and truly ‘in the know’, and trust us when we say that we’re the type of people who will talk your ear off about every exciting new development in the world of marketing automation.

So what is it really? Marketing automation simply refers to any sort of software platform that allows you to schedule and automate repetitive marketing tasks. Things like follow up email sequences, newsletters, confirmation messages, etc. The beauty of our current technological capabilities is that you can really design your automated sequences to be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. At the end of the day how we design your sequences, or ‘funnels’, will depend largely on your business, your target market, and the number of people you’re talking to (your leads).

The exciting thing about marketing automation is just how effective it is. According to some of the latest data, businesses that automate lead management see at least a 10% rise in revenue in just 6-9 months, and a massive 79% of the top performing companies have been using some form of marketing automation for 3 years or more. It’s expected in the next 2 years an additional 21% of marketing leaders will start utilising some form of automation software, and that by 2023 annual marketing automation expenditure will reach $25.1 billion globally.

Unusual Comms believes in embracing technology and utilising new marketing innovations to their full extent to get you the best results. As such we offer automation services including:

  • Newsletters: Newsletters are a great way to touch base with your client list and draw them back into your ecosystem. Through a newsletter you can share exciting updates to the business, new products or services on offer, relevant changes to your industry, as well as link to any monthly blogs, articles, or podcasts connected to your brand.

  • Email sequencing: The Unusual Team hate email spam, and we’re not here to create it. When we look at designing an email sequence for your business it’s about developing content that adds value to your client list and communicates with them in a way that is personal and warranted.

  • Segmentation: At Unusual Comms we recognise that not all of your clients are at the same stage in their purchasing journey. Some might be new clients yet to take significant action, some might be one-off purchasers, and some might be loyal customers that have been following your brand for years. A simple sequence might send these clients all the same content and messages, but a more effective method is to segment this data, figure out what’s appropriate to what group, and send the right information to the right people. This way you’re meeting people where they are in the buying journey and communicating with them in a way that is always personal and targeted.

  • Sales funnels: Although handing over the reins to an automated platform might feel impersonal, marketing automation actually allows you to go a lot deeper with each client during their sales journey. By developing a number of strategic sales funnels we can lead each customer down their own unique pathway to purchase, sending them the most relevant messages at the most relevant times during their journey, and nurturing each lead until they are ready to take the next step.


What really makes marketing automation a game changer is that once we set up these sequences and funnels, your business has the ability to nurture each lead and client with very little input from your staff until they are ready to purchase.

To better assist our clients with their marketing automation efforts Unusual Comms have an existing partnership with:

  • HubSpot: Hubspot is known across the globe as a leader in inbound content marketing. Ideal for mature businesses that are serious about seeing significant growth from their automated campaigns. They do however offer a Freemium model which allows businesses to grow into the entire suite of services offered by the platform.

If you’d like to know more about the marketing automation management services offered by Unusual Comms or pursue a partnership, schedule your free discovery call with one of our automation experts now.