We like to embrace the 'unusual' If you took a look around our unusual office you'd notice one thing immediately: we look like a group of people who would have nothing in common in the 'real world'. From twenty-something Instagram loving, Snapchat using content and graphic designers to (ah-hem) fifty-something former corporate high flyers who like to listen to Midnight Oil really loudly first thing of a morning. 

We're (mostly) a remote workforce with team members as far afield as the USA and UK. Domestically we have team members on the ground in Sydney, Gold Coast, and Brisbane. We have a PA (puppy assistant) called Obi (yes, after Obi-Wan Kenobi) who ensures everyone receives equal opportunity to cuddle and play. He also likes enforcing the occasional nap, purely to get the creative juices flowing. 

It's not uncommon to hear passionate debate over project ideas or to trip over a flood of post-it notes that formed the basis of a strategy. We go to bat for projects we believe in and take responsibility if something doesn't go the way we'd planned. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and we love that we get to celebrate your wins with you and help strategise your next big step. We’re also a group of self-professed tech geeks, that means not only will you always find us downloading and playing with some new piece of software or hardware, but we’re also constantly finding ways to integrate the latest technologies into our clients’ digital marketing strategies.

We believe in embracing technology rather than fighting it because we know it can be utilised to help our clients get better results, speed up our processes, provide better and more accurate data, and just because it’s fun to ‘geek out’ sometimes. Our integration of technology and marketing is definitely one of our strengths and we’re always excited to see what new gadget will come out next and how it will help us in both our personal and professional lives.

Avatar Tracy

Tracy Sheen

Founder / Creative Director

Tracy has been involved in marketing since Motorola was 'the' mobile phone and fax machines were 'cool'.

She's a self-confessed tech geek fascinated with the infusion of technology and marketing, particularly around the impact this has for business owners. This means she's always on the hunt for a cool piece of software or tech that could save time or increase client satisfaction.

While her career began in retail (being mentored by Gerry Harvey), she's spent over half her life honing various marketing skills. Learning and applying the art of copywriting within both radio and tv as well as running PR and events for a large chamber of commerce. She escaped her corporate career over ten years ago and has been in business for herself ever since.

Tracy was a trailblazer in the world of podcasting creating the very first panel style show. Not Another Business Show was a global success with downloads still occurring every month.

When she's not working, Tracy is an active member of her local business community. She has board positions with both Regional Development Australia and her local Chamber of Commerce. She also acts as an authorised advisor for the Federal Government’s small business initiative 'Australian Small Business Advisory Service' (ASBAS).

In her personal life, Tracy is a certified Sci-Fi nerd, with Dr Who & Star Trek Next Generation being her two favourites. She watches every F1 race live and is often difficult to reach Monday mornings during race season.

Avatar Peter


The Numbers Guy

Every business needs someone who watches over the numbers, and Peter is that for Unusual Comms.

With a Masters in Franchising a Degree in Electrical Engineering and qualifications as an Audio Engineer Peter figured it was finally time to 'put his feet up' and concentrate on something he really enjoys.

When he's not musing over Xero dashboards we often find him with his headphones on helping out with podcast production.

Outside of work Peter enjoys binging on his favourite podcasts while currently renovating his childhood home. He has a renewed appreciation for Dr Who and follows Williams F1 racing.

Avatar Hayley


Custodian of Content

Hayley has been writing stories for as long as she can remember.

From the age of eight when she dreamed of being a children’s author to the age of twenty when she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and Writing. Hayley has a fervent love for the English language and a passion for grammar that sometimes makes her unpopular. She is known for using superfluous words in general conversation and having a small aneurysm when people confuse ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.

Hayley loves writing long form content that is as persuasive as it is genuine, and her favourite thing about being a part of Unusual Comms is getting to work with so many eclectic businesses and help their unique stories shine through their content.

Outside of work, Hayley loves to travel and always has at least one big overseas trip planned. Some of her favourite previous destinations include Salzburg, Austria and the great New York City. When at home you’ll often find her in her pyjamas Snapchatting photos of her cat, Abby, and relaxing with a good book.

Avatar Jasmine


Visual Virtuoso

They say some people are born without a creative bone in their body, well for Jasmine all 206 bones are bursting with creativity.

With a photographer / painter mother, Jasmine learned to draw before she could even write and was winning competitions and awards for her art as early as primary school.

As technology evolved Jasmine’s skills evolved with it and she chose to pursue a degree in Graphic Design in order to hone her craft. Jasmine loves being a part of the Unusual team and helping businesses to visually embody their brand.

Her favourite pastime is binging a series on Netflix while she works on her latest artwork. As a full-blooded Italian Jasmine’s passion for art comes second only to her passion for food and talking too loudly. You’ll usually find her with friends or obsessing over her cavalier and sausage dog, Lady and Ruby.

Avatar Ash



Ash is a universally professed editing and production genius.

He loves being ‘the man behind the curtain’ making everybody else look polished and professional.
As if he doesn't spend enough hours a day listening to podcasts for Unusual Comms, Ash also loves listening to podcasts recreationally and because of it his brain is packed full of fun facts about almost every topic.
Although he’s not really a fan of Pina Coladas, Ash doesn’t mind getting caught in the occasional rainstorm, he’s not into yoga, and he believes he has at least half a brain.

Avatar Michele


Admin Aficionado

Michelle has been a part of the Unusual Comms family since the beginning.

She’s the one that makes sure everything runs like a well oiled machine, and that our clients always hear from us when they need to and never when they don’t.
Michelle is also our resident fitness junkie and loves counting macros and filling the whole team in on the latest health and diet research. She likes cats and dogs more than she likes most humans, and our PA, Obi, can often be spotted cuddled up on her lap.



PA (Puppy Assistant) and keeper of 'the force'

Obi takes his job at Unusual Comms very seriously.

He has a variety of toys which are meticulously rotated to be sure no team member ever gets tired of playing.

Obi is fond of his morning puppychino, which he will have while reviewing everyone's schedule for the day. He has scoped out every sunny spot throughout the office and acts as an official announcer when any visitor arrives.

After stressful days (and non stressful days) Obi ensures everyone has equal opportunity for cuddles and pats before wandering off to find one of his many beds for a creative nap.