We believe in embracing technology rather than fighting it because we know it can be utilised to help our clients get better results, speed up our processes, provide better and more accurate data, and just because it’s fun to ‘geek out’ sometimes. Our integration of technology and marketing is definitely one of our strengths and we’re always excited to see what new gadget will come out next and how it will help us in both our personal and professional lives.

Tracy Sheen
The Digital Guide
Peter Sheen
The Numbers Guy

Tracy is a self-confessed tech geek fascinated with the infusion of technology and marketing, particularly around the impact this has for business owners. This means she's always on the hunt for a cool piece of software or tech that could save time or increase client satisfaction.

While her career began in retail she's spent over half her life honing various marketing skills. Learning and applying the art of copywriting within both radio and tv as well as running PR and events for a large chamber of commerce. She escaped her corporate career over ten years ago and has been in business for herself ever since.

Tracy was a trailblazer in the world of podcasting creating the very first panel style show. Not Another Business Show was a global success with downloads still occurring every month.

When she's not working, Tracy is an active member of her local business community. She acts as an authorised advisor for the Federal Government’s small business initiative 'Australian Small Business Advisory Service' (ASBAS).

In her personal life, Tracy is a certified Sci-Fi nerd, with Dr Who & Star Trek Next Generation being her two favourites. She watches every F1 race live and is often difficult to reach Monday mornings during race season.

Every business needs someone who watches over the numbers, and Peter is that for Unusual Comms.

With a Masters in Franchising a Degree in Electrical Engineering and qualifications as an Audio Engineer Peter figured it was finally time to 'put his feet up' and concentrate on something he really enjoys.

When he's not musing over Xero dashboards we often find him with his headphones on helping out with podcast production.

For our clients Peter has a unique approach gained from years of owning and getting the most out of small businesses.  He help our clients to break their businesses into manageable and understandable chunks that help owners and key personally to all work towards the same goals. 

Outside of work Peter enjoys binging on his favourite podcasts while currently renovating his childhood home. He has a renewed appreciation for Dr Who and follows Williams F1 racing.