Chances are you didn't start your business without a solid idea of what you wanted to sell, and why you wanted to sell it.

When I talk with new clients though, it amazes me the number of people who still have no real idea who they want to sell to. When I ask them who their customer is, inevitably I will get a response that sounds something like this:

"Well, anyone really who needs a (insert product)"

Here's the truth... If you've been trying to talk, or sell your product to absolutely 'anyone' I guarantee you, nobody is listening. You can't be all things to all people. And the sales you may have picked up are because the person had already done their research, and come to their own buying decision that they needed what you are selling.

You might even say your business has become a simple commodity and not an ongoing vibrant service.

... Do the words 'slippery slope' come to mind?

The first piece to any marketing or communication overhaul within your business should be the strategy piece. And that is exactly why we start our journey in Unusual Comms at strategy.

You, me, a white board and a solid day together... That's what it takes.

During this time we'll pull apart how your business currently interacts with clients - how they find you, and what their journey looks like from the moment they come into contact, right through to the experience of being a client who has purchased.

We explore the type of clients who are the most profitable to your business, what they have in common, and we build a composite sketch of your 'ideal client'.

With that knowledge we're then able to talk about how you define your own success in marketing and communications, and how you'll know if an investment in this arena has provided a worthy return on investment. With those pre-success measures identified, we can build a solid pathway from where your business is right now, to where you want it to be, and ultimately what needs to happen in order to get your business where you want it to go.

By the end of our strategy session you'll have a working road map that makes sense of your marketing and communication in a way that you had likely thought was not possible.

If you follow the working road map you'll then:

  • Know who you should be talking to
  • How often you should be communicating with them
  • How they want to hear from you
  • And how you can lead them through a natural funnel that will take them from interested onlooker to raving fan.

These strategy sessions take around six hours onsite with a follow up session a couple of weeks later to discuss your very own working roadmap.

Investment in a strategy session is $1800.00 and is exclusive of travel or accommodation.

If you'd like to know if we would be a good fit working together, please schedule an initial 15-minute discovery session here: