Looking for that leading edge communication tool that cuts through the noise?

Podcasting enables you to reach your customers or your key internal stakeholders anytime, any place, any where

With 21 million hours of podcasts being listened to every day in the USA, podcasting has proved it is a medium worthy of corporate attention.

Podcasting  Benefits:

Deliver clear internal messaging

Achieving effective internal communications is a big challenge for every organisation. Podcasts allow you to reach the ears of every single team member, no matter their location or work schedule. Forget ‘chinese whispers’ and misinterpreted written words – instead, speak directly to every person involved in the business.

Give your team ‘behind the scenes’ access

Listening to interviews with the key stakeholders of the business provides your team members with unprecedented ‘behind the scenes’ access. Your podcast can schedule regular updates from the CEO, head of sales, marketing, finance or other key department heads to give your team a deep understanding of future business plans and direction.

Talk to your people wherever they are

One of the great things about podcasts is their flexibility. Any time, anywhere, on just about any device. Your people can stay informed about the business whenever and wherever they choose.

Build a strong corporate culture

During times of change or reorganisation within a business, your podcast can ensure you clearly disseminate the values and goals, to remove angst and build a culture of open communication and clear stewardship.

Create a team enviroment

Podcasts allow your team to become involved in a wide range of ways, to create a collaborative approach to the success of the business that benefits everyone.

Stand out from the crowd

Podcasting is leading edge technology, and what business doesn’t want to be embracing such a compelling communication strategy? By creating an ongoing narrative through the medium of podcasting, you are showing your staff and your clients that you truly stand out from the crowd.

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Corporate Podcast Productions

Corporate Podcast Productions is an end-to-end corporate podcast production house that provides everything you need to create your very own world class show.

We love podcasts! Over the last 2 years we have listened as this medium has evolved from the standard 1:1 interview to the highly produced investigative journalism shows that are winning over audiences worldwide.

​Our team includes corporate branding specialists, journalists, professional voiceover talent, audio editors and production engineers, we have the team in place to create a show worthy of your brand. Whether it’s an internal show keeping your team informed and up to date or an external show talking directly to your clients, let us help you embrace this leading edge technology.

​As the creators of our own highly successful podcast, we have direct hands-on experience. You don’t need to commit hundreds of hours to learning how to podcast – use our expertise to be ‘on the air’ as fast as possible.

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Why Podcast?

Until now, the landscape of podcasts has been filled by public radio announcers going solo, comedians looking to expand their audience, and small business owners who realised that podcasting offered them a unique connection with their market. 

This is about to change…  For the first time, corporate businesses can have their very own podcast created specifically for them by Corporate Podcast Productions. We do it all – we interview, we create the podcast scripts, we find the music, we record the podcast, we source the voiceover talent, we edit, we produce and we load it on to your website.

All you need to do is provide the people to interview and share the completed podcasts with your key stakeholders…. and we’ll show you exactly how. Easy!

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Even the President of the United States has embraced podcasting!

I’m sure you’ll agree if the President of the United States of America has recognised the value of podcasts, it’s time for the rest of us to sit up and take notice.

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Our Process

Our team has a solid process in place to take you from conception through to completion of your podcast.

Step One Brand Profile

We make sure we capture the ‘voice’ of your business

  • Workshop with a corporate branding expert held to understand your objectives
  • Complete content strategy developed
  • 12 month content calendar developed
  • Audience decided (internal / external or mix of both)
  • Objectives identified and messages captured

Step Two Pre- Production

Our work begins

  • Music reviewed and selected
  • Interviews begin
  • Podcast topics outlined
  • Podcast frequency confirmed
  • Episode scripting begins
  • Podcast introduction scripted and signed off
  • Podcast logos created and signed off

Step Three Production

The show comes together

  • Interviews continue
  • Initial scripts completed for sign off
  • Audio recording commences
  • Voiceover work completed
  • Editing commences
  • Audio production commences
  • Initial podcasts completed for sign off
  • Podcasts loaded on hosting, ready for ‘go live’ date

Step Four On Air

Your shows go live

  • Podcast notes or internal communications for the podcasts signed off
  • Podcasts loaded and available for download
  • Interviews continue
  • Content strategy reviewed
  • Editing continues
  • Ongoing production of podcasts
  • Databasing  of podcasts
  • Success measures reviewed

Corporate Podcast Productions ~ Your Voice, Your Message