Content creation

If you think of your favourite brand, the one you identify with the most, the one (perhaps) you would like to emulate in your own business, chances are they've created content you have identified with, and delivered it to you in a way that suited your preference for learning (or receiving messaging). They've spoken about the problems you face in your everyday life, they've identified solutions and they have provided you helpful and guiding answers to your questions.

That's good content creation, and good content delivery (great messaging).

Content creation comes in all shapes and sizes... Some have become 'normal' forms of communication - email, websites, brochures, etc...  - while others like podcasts or video are for the most part still considered 'unusual' forms of communication with your audience.

But creation without meaning and strategy designed for your ideal customer is a waste of the creative budget.

We help you better understand how, when and why your clients want to hear from you, and then create meaningful, relevant and engaging content that matches (dare I say exceeds) their expectations.

So how can you begin thinking about this process?

Consider for a moment the number of ways your clients could currently be receiving contact from your business:

Social media - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest, Snapchat. The options are endless. But are you maintaining regular targeted contact, or are you posting funny memes and hoping for 'likes'?

Brochures and website - for most clients this is usually the first point of contact with your brand. If your website is still promoting Christmas specials from 2015 you’re not doing yourself or your business any favours.

Blogs and newsletters - are you guilty of beginning the year with every intention of posting regular content to your site, only to find business and life gets in the way? And before you know it there has been no new newsletter or blog added to your site for six months!

Podcasts and video - two of the hottest forms of content available to any savvy business owner. Done well, podcasts and video add enormous value to your intended audience. Done poorly, they will drain any authority your brand has and leave you looking less than amateur.

Working with the team at Unusual Comms means never having to worry about fresh, relevant content reaching your clients ever again.

From the creation of social media and blogs, to production and editing of podcasts, our team can help you reach your ideal clients at a time, and in a way, that they like to be communicated with.

Content creation packages start from just $180.00 per month.

If you'd like to know how our team can help your business start a conversation with your clients: