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Family Business

I grew up behind the counter of a general store, the child of self employed parents. I was put to work before and after school, we took no family holidays and we struggled to find 30 minutes of peace to eat dinner together. Any child who grew up in a family business will understand that there is no escaping it. From the time we are able we are put to work in some capacity helping out.

My two guests this week also grew up in the family business, they took the experience one step further though and have taken each of their (very different) businesses over from their parents to become extremely successful 2nd generation business owners.

First up I chat with Karl Schwantes from Xennox Diamonds [] who shares stories from his upbringing with a father born into Eastern Europe post WW2. He talks about the defining moment when he realised his future laid within the family business. We explore the transition period, the direction he has taken the business (which includes a 5m long chandelier and a scotch bar for the guys), and the future as he sees it for the customer experience. We even chat a little about his own children (he has 4) and the role they play in the business.

If you’d like to find out more about Karl or Xennox Diamonds or get your hands on a copy of his amazing book “Rock her World” follow the links.

Xennox Diamonds:
Rock Her World:

My second guest, Dean Salakas took over a business that as been a Sydney institution for 30 years. Started by his mum, who was also known as “Patches the Clown”, the Party People is a highly successful party supply business.

Pursuing a successful corporate career within Woolworths, it wasn’t until his brother, Peter approached him to suggest the brothers take over the business together that Dean had ever considered going into the family business.

Dean shares the somewhat turbulent beginning as well as the pros and cons to owning a second generation family business. He gets candid on what it’s really like to work with your brother and he pulls back the curtain on what it was like to pitch on the TV show “Shark Tank”.

If you’d like to find out more about Dean and the Party People follow the links.

Dean Salakas:
The Party People:

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Women in Business Pt 3

Continuing our theme of women in business today we talk with 2 interesting females from the Northern Hemisphere.


Ling Wong describes herself as a business coach with nuances. With a background in architecture and having worked in a New York ad agency Ling enjoys combining her intuition and creative abilities with her love of marketing and process. Ling shares her strategies on ‘honest marketing’ along with why she believes we all need to embrace Tad Hargraves definition of niching as opposed to being wedded to the idea of a rigid niche.


If you’d like to connect with Ling or learn more about her business you can check out her website at:


Melinda Chen is the child of entrepreneurs, her passion is helping female entrepreneurs attract and close big clients. Melinda has held a sales executive role for around 20 years and went out on her own 5 years ago, unlike a lot of my guests though Melinda has chosen to continue working within her corporate field in parallel to running her own business. She has decided to do that so she can keep her hand in (so to speak) attracting and retaining big clients. Her 2 – 5 formula is a practical way to assist anyone who is interested in pursuing a larger client base.


If you’d like to find out more about Melinda’s business or connect with her then you can check her website out at:


This week we welcomed our first sponsor to Not Another Business Show. Steve Fazakerley is the founder of “Ecoh’s”, a business redefining messages on hold. Ecoh’s puts the CEO or business owner in the centre of content creation. From audio with your message on hold, to an article designed for your website and social media posts Ecoh takes our message and ‘ecoh’s’ it across your entire marketing platform.


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Women in business… Part 2

Last week we took a look at female entrepreneurs and the unique challenges facing their entry into the world of business ownership.


This week we continue the conversation with another 2 formidable female entrepreneurs. This time though we speak with 2 women that have started businesses that are outside what could be considered the norm.


My first guest, Elysse Daniels started a company called “Exodus Wear”, the daughter of self employed parents she had decided early on that she never wanted to get into business for herself. Instead Elysse studied marketing at University and was convinced her path lay climbing the ladder within a multi national. However 6 months out of uni she found herself disliking her career choice and wondering what she really wanted to do. As a stop gap measure she asked her parents to take her into the family business, it was after accepting a job to help out a family member of an employee that the entrepreneur bug bit.


Now, 6 years on Elysse has a very successful business, a solid profile as a young entrepreneur and is looking to expand her business internationally. All by designing and making customisable jackets for high schools, dance studio’s and the odd celebrity.


Check out Elysse’s business, Exodus Wear at:


My second guest for the day started her business to solve a problem she had while still working for a large corporate firm. A busy mum trying to juggle work / kids and family Elke was struggling to find reputable contractors to help out with bits and pieces around her home. After lamenting about the issues with her now business partner, the 2 ladies decided to solve the problem by creating their own business.


Urban You is an online portal where time poor professionals can schedule professional service contractors to complete those odd jobs around the house that you just don’t have time to do. The business  has seen enviable growth since it launched around 3 years ago, and the dynamic duo behind the business have recently undergone a complete name change and capital raise to create a business that fits exactly what their clients were asking for.


Elke shares with me the learning she took away from the capital raise, how their idea for the business has morphed over the years and what her philosophy on staff is.


If you would like to know more about Elke or Urban You you can check the website out at:


2 businesses and 2 guests that do not fit your traditional ‘run of the mill’ kind of business model. 2 formidable female entrepreneurs waving the flag for all women in business and inspiring us to keep on our path and keep forging ahead.

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Women in Business

The Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that 34% of all business operators in Australia are now female. With this number growing by a whopping 46% over the last 20 years. This week I chat with 3 female business owners about some of the challenges that face females in business today.

We talk self sabotage with ‘Discovery Coach’, Natasha Vanzetti, the ‘gender agenda’ with Time Styler, Kate Christie and how we could all learn to be in the present a little more with Bernadette Blake from Be Empowered Now.

My guests share some of their own experiences in starting their own business, and the hurdles they believe face all women who want to be their own boss.

So join me, won’t you, as we take a look at how the scales are tipping in favour of women in the business ownership world and some of the baggage we may still need to leave behind.

You can find out more about each of my guests this week by checking out their websites:

Discovery Coach Natasha Vanzetti

Time Styler Kate Christie

Bernadette Blake from Be Empowered Now

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Walking with the black dog Pt1

Welcome back to the start of Season 3, I hope you enjoyed the couple of week break and managed to catch up on a bunch of your other favourite podcasts.

It struck me when I was putting together topics for this season that we have seen our audience grow around the world over the last 12 months and that we have a significant portion of our audience that may not have caught any of our earlier episodes.

With that in mind I have decided to start this season by re sharing my 2 favorite episodes from Season one. Now technically it was one episode split into a two parter, but for me the content is probably some of the most important that we’ve ever covered on this show.

Mental health awareness is something that is extremely close to my own heart. I’ve walked with the black dog for a good part of my teenage and adult life and I’ve lost my best friend to depression. It is my belief that with the numbers we are seeing in society dealing with some kind of mental health issue that this subject needs to be talked about.

So to kick off Season 3 we are taking a walk down memory lane and replaying the two part episode on mental health awareness.

I hope you enjoy it, I hope you take away strategies you can implement in your own life and I’ll see you back here in 2 weeks for the ‘real’ kick off to season 3.

Imposter Syndrome

Well here we are at the end of season 2. In reviewing the season I began to butt up against some self limiting ‘imposter syndrome’ beliefs. So I figured what better place to end the season than talking about a topic that had made me uncomfortable in my own business for the past couple of years.


It’s a topic that I thought, naively I now know that I was facing alone. Surely nobody else ever felt like a fraud in their own business… How wrong I was! In chatting to over 150 business owners and entrepreneurs for the show I was faced time and time again with people sharing their own stories of this imposter feeling.


I figured it was time to do something about it. I began researching the topic and discovered that around 70% of the population encounter feelings of being an imposter at some point during their career. Even the uber famous were not immune. Time and time again I read about Seth Godin, Maya Angelou. Kate Blanchett, Agatha Christie and others all of whom have ‘fessed up’ to feeling less than on more than one occasion.


This week then as a way to wrap up a fab season I decided to dive head first into one of my biggest challenges and bring you example after example of other business owners standing in imposter solidarity with us, we also look at some practical ways of moving through these feelings to get on with the business of succeeding.


A huge thanks to all of my guests who have appeared during season 2, and to my guests this week for sharing your stories of personal imposter syndrome feelings.. Thank you.


Catriona Pollard from CP Communications

Sharon Bolt from Get Free Publicity Today

Simone Guild from Potentchi8

Annette Densham the Publicity Genie

Joanna Turner from Mission for Balance

Sam Norburg from Get Real Business Academy

And Elyse Daniels from Exodus Wear


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Show me the money

As the final episode for Season 2 draws upon us I wanted to spend time on a topic that I’ve had a number of people ask me to cover.


What you need to know if your business is seeking investment.


We have some great guests this week offering the expert and unique opinion on areas such as what are the different types of investment? From angel to foundation investment. Seed to Series A investment what each level actually means and what are the dollar amounts associated.


How do you know when your business needs to seek investment? The reasons and signs that will give you a heads up and allow you to prepare well in advance.


How do you find the ‘right’ kind of investor to match your business? How to figure out if you just need cash or if you need someone to act as a mentor or additional support for your business as well as bring investment funds.


How to develop your investment pitch, and what does it look like once you’ve secured investment? Pitching for investment is not like developing your elevator pitch, there are some very clear and distinct pieces of information that your investors are going to be looking for that you want to make sure you cover when preparing your pitch. Then once you do secure investment, what does the process look like for receiving funds and when are your investors going to expect to see a return on their investment.


Joining me as my guests this week is Venture Capital specialist and co founder of Big Wave Ventures, Ally Muller, serial entrepreneur, author and angel investor, Mathew Paulson. Rounding out the guests this week is Tamar Krebs from Group Home Australia who shares her journey to secure finance for her business.


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Creating An Online Business and Solving Money Blocks

Wow, Episode 18 already, only 2 more episodes remaining in the season!

I had such great feedback after showcasing just 2 guests last week that I decided to replicate the model this week.

Maria Pomella quit her corporate job just 18 months ago and set about starting her own online store. Discovering that around 70% of jewellery in Australia is sourced from overseas she wanted to give Australian designers a place to exhibit their work and reach a wider audience. So backing herself to succeed Maria invested $15,000.00 of her own money and spent the first 6 months working on her business strategy, really getting to understand her niche and the clients who would buy from her. 12 months ago she launched “My Jewellery Shop Online” to a hungry audience and in that time has managed to build a social media following that would be the envy of many business owners. Building 10,000 fans on Instagram and 5,000 on Facebook Maria shares with us how she achieved this 100% organic growth and how she utilised her initial investment to grow this business.


Joanna Turner grew up the child of business owners and has fond memories of the freedom that came with her father’s business. Choosing to enter the corporate world Joanne got her bright shiny office and was an in demand accountant, ignoring the many signs her body was giving her until she suffered a lower back injury while volunteering as a surf lifesaver. Leaving her corporate career behind she retrained as a health coach and then discovered Tony Robbins training, eventually combining her skills with numbers and finances and personal development to help clients work through their money blocks to live the life of financial freedom they claim they want. Joanne now works one on one with clients in her business “Mission for Balance


I encourage you to check out each of the guests businesses, you’ll find them at:

My Jewelry Shop Online:

Mission For Balance:


Season 3 is fast approaching and I’ve decided to open a spot for a sponsor. If your business has Small Business or Entrepreneurs as it’s target market and you’d like to increase your profile and build your audience drop me a line to find out what sponsorship of Not Another Business Show could look like for your business.



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2 People 1 Message… Passion

We’re mixing things up a bit this week. I have spoken to hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs over the past 18 months, all of whom have interesting stories and nuggets of gold to share. Occasionally though I speak with people whose stories don’t quite “fit in” to the regular kind of small business topics we tackle week to week. Sometimes they are working within an industry or niche that doesn’t directly impact small business, but their stores are still filled with inspiration and passion.


Today I introduce you to two such guests.


Tamar Krebs is the founder of Group Homes Australia. Her entire ethos is ‘doing dementia differently’ and her backstory of growing up in New York with her Great Grandfather moulded her journey towards creating the model she was to go on to create. Tamar is a big advocate for assisting the elderly to live with dignity and respect, and her story is one that is sure to inspire. She single handedly raised the capital needed to get Group Homes Australia off the ground and has since built 7 houses around NSW with expansion of the model planned throughout Australia.


My other guest, Ben Newsome is equally inspiring. Winner of a Winston Churchill Fellowship award Ben’s love of science started when he was 7 running round is backyard with vinegar and bi carb. He bounced from being an undergrad scieve student to bush regeneration from there he retrained as a science teacher before working for the CSIRO. These days he is infecting kids with a love of science with his Fizzics Education business. Not satisfied with reaching tens of thousands of kids, Ben has consistently ‘levelled up’ to innovate and reach over 250,000 kids and growing.


A big thanks to this week’s guests


Tamar Krebs from Group Homes Australia

Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education


As always though the biggest thanks goes to you for listening in. If you enjoyed this weeks show then please, share it with your network and consider leaving us a review on iTunes. It’s super quick, super easy and means that we get to reach a much bigger audience.


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