Women in Business Pt 3

Continuing our theme of women in business today we talk with 2 interesting females from the Northern Hemisphere.


Ling Wong describes herself as a business coach with nuances. With a background in architecture and having worked in a New York ad agency Ling enjoys combining her intuition and creative abilities with her love of marketing and process. Ling shares her strategies on ‘honest marketing’ along with why she believes we all need to embrace Tad Hargraves definition of niching as opposed to being wedded to the idea of a rigid niche.


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Melinda Chen is the child of entrepreneurs, her passion is helping female entrepreneurs attract and close big clients. Melinda has held a sales executive role for around 20 years and went out on her own 5 years ago, unlike a lot of my guests though Melinda has chosen to continue working within her corporate field in parallel to running her own business. She has decided to do that so she can keep her hand in (so to speak) attracting and retaining big clients. Her 2 – 5 formula is a practical way to assist anyone who is interested in pursuing a larger client base.


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This week we welcomed our first sponsor to Not Another Business Show. Steve Fazakerley is the founder of “Ecoh’s”, a business redefining messages on hold. Ecoh’s puts the CEO or business owner in the centre of content creation. From audio with your message on hold, to an article designed for your website and social media posts Ecoh takes our message and ‘ecoh’s’ it across your entire marketing platform.


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