Women in Business

The Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that 34% of all business operators in Australia are now female. With this number growing by a whopping 46% over the last 20 years. This week I chat with 3 female business owners about some of the challenges that face females in business today.

We talk self sabotage with ‘Discovery Coach’, Natasha Vanzetti, the ‘gender agenda’ with Time Styler, Kate Christie and how we could all learn to be in the present a little more with Bernadette Blake from Be Empowered Now.

My guests share some of their own experiences in starting their own business, and the hurdles they believe face all women who want to be their own boss.

So join me, won’t you, as we take a look at how the scales are tipping in favour of women in the business ownership world and some of the baggage we may still need to leave behind.

You can find out more about each of my guests this week by checking out their websites:

Discovery Coach Natasha Vanzetti

Time Styler Kate Christie

Bernadette Blake from Be Empowered Now

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