Walking with the black dog Pt1

Welcome back to the start of Season 3, I hope you enjoyed the couple of week break and managed to catch up on a bunch of your other favourite podcasts.

It struck me when I was putting together topics for this season that we have seen our audience grow around the world over the last 12 months and that we have a significant portion of our audience that may not have caught any of our earlier episodes.

With that in mind I have decided to start this season by re sharing my 2 favorite episodes from Season one. Now technically it was one episode split into a two parter, but for me the content is probably some of the most important that we’ve ever covered on this show.

Mental health awareness is something that is extremely close to my own heart. I’ve walked with the black dog for a good part of my teenage and adult life and I’ve lost my best friend to depression. It is my belief that with the numbers we are seeing in society dealing with some kind of mental health issue that this subject needs to be talked about.

So to kick off Season 3 we are taking a walk down memory lane and replaying the two part episode on mental health awareness.

I hope you enjoy it, I hope you take away strategies you can implement in your own life and I’ll see you back here in 2 weeks for the ‘real’ kick off to season 3.

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