Imposter Syndrome

Well here we are at the end of season 2. In reviewing the season I began to butt up against some self limiting ‘imposter syndrome’ beliefs. So I figured what better place to end the season than talking about a topic that had made me uncomfortable in my own business for the past couple of years.


It’s a topic that I thought, naively I now know that I was facing alone. Surely nobody else ever felt like a fraud in their own business… How wrong I was! In chatting to over 150 business owners and entrepreneurs for the show I was faced time and time again with people sharing their own stories of this imposter feeling.


I figured it was time to do something about it. I began researching the topic and discovered that around 70% of the population encounter feelings of being an imposter at some point during their career. Even the uber famous were not immune. Time and time again I read about Seth Godin, Maya Angelou. Kate Blanchett, Agatha Christie and others all of whom have ‘fessed up’ to feeling less than on more than one occasion.


This week then as a way to wrap up a fab season I decided to dive head first into one of my biggest challenges and bring you example after example of other business owners standing in imposter solidarity with us, we also look at some practical ways of moving through these feelings to get on with the business of succeeding.


A huge thanks to all of my guests who have appeared during season 2, and to my guests this week for sharing your stories of personal imposter syndrome feelings.. Thank you.


Catriona Pollard from CP Communications

Sharon Bolt from Get Free Publicity Today

Simone Guild from Potentchi8

Annette Densham the Publicity Genie

Joanna Turner from Mission for Balance

Sam Norburg from Get Real Business Academy

And Elyse Daniels from Exodus Wear


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Until we meet again in season 3, have a great break and thanks for all your continued support.


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