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As the final episode for Season 2 draws upon us I wanted to spend time on a topic that I’ve had a number of people ask me to cover.


What you need to know if your business is seeking investment.


We have some great guests this week offering the expert and unique opinion on areas such as what are the different types of investment? From angel to foundation investment. Seed to Series A investment what each level actually means and what are the dollar amounts associated.


How do you know when your business needs to seek investment? The reasons and signs that will give you a heads up and allow you to prepare well in advance.


How do you find the ‘right’ kind of investor to match your business? How to figure out if you just need cash or if you need someone to act as a mentor or additional support for your business as well as bring investment funds.


How to develop your investment pitch, and what does it look like once you’ve secured investment? Pitching for investment is not like developing your elevator pitch, there are some very clear and distinct pieces of information that your investors are going to be looking for that you want to make sure you cover when preparing your pitch. Then once you do secure investment, what does the process look like for receiving funds and when are your investors going to expect to see a return on their investment.


Joining me as my guests this week is Venture Capital specialist and co founder of Big Wave Ventures, Ally Muller, serial entrepreneur, author and angel investor, Mathew Paulson. Rounding out the guests this week is Tamar Krebs from Group Home Australia who shares her journey to secure finance for her business.


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