Creating An Online Business and Solving Money Blocks

Wow, Episode 18 already, only 2 more episodes remaining in the season!

I had such great feedback after showcasing just 2 guests last week that I decided to replicate the model this week.

Maria Pomella quit her corporate job just 18 months ago and set about starting her own online store. Discovering that around 70% of jewellery in Australia is sourced from overseas she wanted to give Australian designers a place to exhibit their work and reach a wider audience. So backing herself to succeed Maria invested $15,000.00 of her own money and spent the first 6 months working on her business strategy, really getting to understand her niche and the clients who would buy from her. 12 months ago she launched “My Jewellery Shop Online” to a hungry audience and in that time has managed to build a social media following that would be the envy of many business owners. Building 10,000 fans on Instagram and 5,000 on Facebook Maria shares with us how she achieved this 100% organic growth and how she utilised her initial investment to grow this business.


Joanna Turner grew up the child of business owners and has fond memories of the freedom that came with her father’s business. Choosing to enter the corporate world Joanne got her bright shiny office and was an in demand accountant, ignoring the many signs her body was giving her until she suffered a lower back injury while volunteering as a surf lifesaver. Leaving her corporate career behind she retrained as a health coach and then discovered Tony Robbins training, eventually combining her skills with numbers and finances and personal development to help clients work through their money blocks to live the life of financial freedom they claim they want. Joanne now works one on one with clients in her business “Mission for Balance


I encourage you to check out each of the guests businesses, you’ll find them at:

My Jewelry Shop Online:

Mission For Balance:


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