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We’re mixing things up a bit this week. I have spoken to hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs over the past 18 months, all of whom have interesting stories and nuggets of gold to share. Occasionally though I speak with people whose stories don’t quite “fit in” to the regular kind of small business topics we tackle week to week. Sometimes they are working within an industry or niche that doesn’t directly impact small business, but their stores are still filled with inspiration and passion.


Today I introduce you to two such guests.


Tamar Krebs is the founder of Group Homes Australia. Her entire ethos is ‘doing dementia differently’ and her backstory of growing up in New York with her Great Grandfather moulded her journey towards creating the model she was to go on to create. Tamar is a big advocate for assisting the elderly to live with dignity and respect, and her story is one that is sure to inspire. She single handedly raised the capital needed to get Group Homes Australia off the ground and has since built 7 houses around NSW with expansion of the model planned throughout Australia.


My other guest, Ben Newsome is equally inspiring. Winner of a Winston Churchill Fellowship award Ben’s love of science started when he was 7 running round is backyard with vinegar and bi carb. He bounced from being an undergrad scieve student to bush regeneration from there he retrained as a science teacher before working for the CSIRO. These days he is infecting kids with a love of science with his Fizzics Education business. Not satisfied with reaching tens of thousands of kids, Ben has consistently ‘levelled up’ to innovate and reach over 250,000 kids and growing.


A big thanks to this week’s guests


Tamar Krebs from Group Homes Australia

Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education


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