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I Tell Myself It’s Just A Blue Day (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our behind the scenes look at mental health awareness and the small business owner. If you haven’t heard part 1, stop now and listen to that one first.

This week we talk about various things to try when you are walking with the ‘black dog’ from getting outside, to breathing, meditation and mindfulness, to music and reading.

A big thanks to my experts over the last 2 episodes:

Author, naturopath and small business owner Katherine Maslen

Australia’s number 1 small business author and all round Mr nice guy Andrew Griffiths

The founder of Wellness Coaching Australia Fiona Cosgrove

Modern Witch, author and nature lustre Stacey De Marco

and Bernadette Blake from Be Empowered Now

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I Tell Myself It’s Just A Blue Day (Part 1)

According to a recent report conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers mental health conditions are costing Australian business approximately $10.9 billion per year. But what are the costs to small business owners in Australia?

We’ve spoken in previous episodes of all the reasons why being in business for yourself can be a good thing, now it’s time to look at the darker side of small business ownership. Financial pressures, the need to be across all areas of the business, uncertainty of business, long hours and potential isolation from family and friends. Business ownership carries a lot of responsibility.

Beyond Blue estimate that 45 per cent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. In any one year, around 1 million Australian adults have depression, and over 2 million have anxiety.

It’s time we pull the curtains back on this 2 part episode around mental health issues within small business ownership and chat to the experts around what we need to keep in mind when it comes to leading a business while coping with mental illness.

A big thanks to this weeks experts:

Fiona Cosgrove founder of Wellness Coaching Australia

Australia’s number 1 small business author Andrew Griffiths

last but certainly not least, author and naturopath Katherine Maslen


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Not All Coaches Are Created Equal

According to a market survey conducted by IBIS World in June 2015 they released that business coaching was worth 12 billion dollars per year to the American market. In Australia at last census there were over 4000 business coaches registered, there is no doubt that business coaching is a growing industry, and, it’s big business.

Sometime throughout your small business life the chances are high that you will be looking for a business coach.

How do you choose who to work with? What are the different types and niches of business coaches?

Our experts let us behind the scenes on some of the very niched coaches that are out there. From Discovery Coaches, to Retail, to High Performing Coaches there are coaches available to target the industry or issue that you need assistance with.

A big thanks to this weeks experts:

Matt Dunsten from Rising Tide Ventures

Sally Arnold from Creating Encores

The Discovery Coach, Natasha Vanzetti

Kristian Mahoney, the Retail Guy

and Elizabeth Gillam from Franchisee Success

Linkedin Double Header Pt 2

Ever wondered how you can access all of the gold within the LinkedIn platform?

LinkedIn can be used as a lead strategy, to find media contacts, create partnerships, find new team members and even strengthen relationships with your clients. So this week we dive head first in to all of the good stuff that LinkedIn has to offer small business owners.

A big thanks to this weeks experts:

Alex Pirouz from Linkfluencer

Kylie Chown

Adam Houlahan, author of “Secret Sauce. From 0 to 200,000 followers in 1 hour per day”

Richard Triggs from Arete Executive