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Linkedin Double Header Pt 1

Linkedin, quite possibly the most under utilised tool in the small business owners arsenal.

As of the end of July this year best esstimates said that Linkedin had over 380 million users world wide. With around 6 million of those being Australian profiles. There are 2 new members joining every second and 49% of key decision makers are active on Linkedin. So why aren’t small business owners making the most out of this platform?

Over the next 2 weeks the experts and I are offering a behind the scenes look at all the things Linkedin can offer to small business owners. From building a stand out profile, to profile pictures, company pages and connection requests.

A big thanks to this weeks experts:

Alex Pirouz from Linkfluencer

Kylie Chown

Adam Houlahan, author of “Secret Sauce. From 0 to 200,000 followers in 1 hour per day”

and Jason Malouin from The Portrait Store

Digital Marketing

The final part in our technology trilogy is all about digital marketing. Does digital marketing differ from a regular marketing strategy? What do you need to know when considering your online strategy?

Gear up to learn all you need to know about online ecosystems, ascending transaction models, landing pages and social media strategies. A big thanks to this weeks experts:

James Crook author of “Digitally Enhanced”

Doyle Buehler author of  “The Digital Delusion

Jon Hollenberg author of “Love at First Site”

and Adam Houlahan author of  “Secret Sauce”


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Are You Compromising Yourself In The Cloud

We’re back for part 2 of our technology conversation. If you haven’t listened to last weeks episode on cloud computing then stop, rewind one week and listen to that episode first. This time round our IT boffins share their thoughts on security, back up’s, internet connectivity and I even get to find out what the deal is with wi fi guest networks and ethernet cables.

If you’ve wanted to know how the celebrities had their data and photo’s hacked then you are going to want to hear this show.

Big thanks to this weeks experts:

Jeffrey Knibb from Your IT Business Consultants

Bill Owens from Veracity Business Solutions

and the Shadow Federal Minister for Small Business Bernie Ripoll


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Why Clouds Can Be A Good Thing

They say video killed the radio star but what impact has technology had on small business? In our first ever three part show we are taking a dive into the technology pool. How has technology impacted us? What is this cloud thing anyway? and how can I maximise technology across my business.

Join the experts and I as I figure out just what the cloud is, where it’s based and why it’s awesome for small business.

With thanks to this weeks experts

Alison McGrath from McGrath HR

Bill Owens from Veracity Business Solutions

and Jeffrey Knibb from Your IT Business Consultants


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soft skills… hard skills…. training skills it’s all common sense

Zig Zilar once said ” The only thing worse than training staff and having them leave, is NOT training them and having them stay”

So this week we embrace the topic of training your team. Should you train them? What should you train them in? How do you train them? Do you train them yourself in house, or do you bring in an external professional? The answers may not be what you expect when our experts pull apart the topic.

From training in the foundations of Emotional Intelligence, to customer service training, business etiquette, sales training, add on sales, up selling, cross selling… What does it all mean and where do you start?

With thanks to this weeks experts:

Cate Shreck from Lightbulb Training

Elizabeth Gillam from Franchisee Success

Desley Cowley from Spruiker Hire

and The Retail Guy Kristian Mahony