The Only Thing That’s Constant Is Change

Changes… It was enough to make David Bowie stutter. How do we cope with change in our business? Do we read the trends emerging in our industry? Do we follow what our customers are asking from us? Or, like a lot of business owners do we get caught up (as Andrew Griffiths likes to call it) chasing butterflies and constantly going after the bright and shiny things in business?

Time to hear what changes the Government has in store for small business along with what trends are emerging around technology and mindset.

A big thanks to this weeks experts:

The Federal Shadow Minister for Small Business Bernie Rippoll

Australia’s Number 1 Small Business Author, and all round Mr nice guy Andrew Griffiths

The Retail Guy, Kristian Mahony

and Carsten Primdal from Vantage Compliance and Mitigation

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